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February 22, 2008 : USA SWIMMING
AdaptTap Leveling The Playing Field For Blind Swimmers

By Diane Krieger Spivak, Special Correspondent
“At practice they were hitting their heads,” Sawicki said. “Some of them were used to their home clubs where their parents would tap for them.” A tapper stands at the end of the pool holding a pole with a tennis ball attached and taps a blind swimmer on the head or shoulder when he or she nears the wall. . .


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October 11, 2007: Scholastic
Finding Their Way

By Andy Gray
“Blind swimmers find supportive training environment at Notre Dame…”

James Swimming

October 3, 2007: The Observer
Entrepreneurs Vie for Prizes, Investors
By Marcela Berrios
“Annie Sawicki, a swimming coach at the Joyce Center, wanted to find a way to help Blind swimmers work their way back and forth across the pool’s lanes without depending on a sighted counterpart to tell them when they’re approaching the edge. The project, now called Adapttap, has already garnered the attention of ABC, ESPN and NBC Sports…..”


October 3, 2007: South Bend Tribune
Blind Swimmer Aims for Paralympics


September 2, 2007, South Bend Tribune
ND Spirit Awakens-- In Niles
Blindness, cancer mere challenges for [Lori Miller]- tough, inspirational, athlete.

Lori on bike

September, 2007: The Observer
Blind Swimmer Raises Awareness For Domer Run



December 1, 2006: The Observer
Student Trains for Paralympics


September 22, 2006: The Observer
Students Grapple With Visual Impairments


October, 2005: South Bend Tribune
Aiming For Gold
Blind ND student, James Fetter, aspires to Olympics


December, 2005, The Observer
Blind ND Student Aims For Bejing
The quest of Ashley Nashleanas


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